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Property Inspectors & non-motor insurance assessments.

"If only I had known!". You have often heard people asking these, and other questions — mostly after it is far too late. Most of these questions are only asked some 6 months to a year after they have moved in and the first rains / cold snap hits.

Leaks develop which “were never there before” or the heating system or plumbing does not work.

By asking the right questions you may avoid some of these problems, but in the end only a trained and Certified Inspector will be able to provide you with the answers which you want to hear.

Wellness of the Home starts with the original construction and flows through the life of the home with continuous maintenance. Owners seldom, if ever climb on to their roofs or crawl into the rafter spaces to check the condition of the roof covering, the rafters or the plumbing and electrics. Even though you may have watched whilst the house was being built, unless you have the knowledge and experience of the long-term requirements for Home Wellness, damp may be creeping into your home affecting your and your family’s health, causing coughs, asthma, bronchitis and worse. Mold is rampant with damp.

Insurance Companies have been accused of shying away from their responsibilities, but in essence, they are not liable for maintenance or poor / deteriorating construction.

With the new Legislation it is no longer acceptable to purchase any dwelling under the Voetstoets clause—full disclosure is required. A purchaser is entitled to have a situation rectified or to even cancel the purchase, with the award of costs, unless full disclosure can be proven. This is not a one or two page check-list but a full and comprehensive report.

These are the situations which can be avoided or catered for with a Professional and Certified Home Inspection.

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