What is a Property Inspector and how does he / she add value to you?


A Property Inspector checks the ENTIRE Home or Building, from the roof right down to the foundation.

The problems associated with roofs and waterways (damp) cannot be overemphasised. Incorrectly built, poorly maintained or neglected roofs and surrounding ground work is the major cause of problems within a building. The knock-on effects can be extremely expensive, as well as hazardous to your health. Roofing and Damp problems / potential problems are my speciality.

As an expert in the correct building methods and construction, an Inspector will view the building according to how it should be, and not just according to the regulations. Inspectors are not Policemen or Legislation enforcers, but are there to protect you from shoddy workmanship, instances of ignorance / fraudulent practices and to give advice on how to solve the problems.

home-inspection3Each Inspector will have a certain set of skills and knowledge, and finding one who has the necessary credentials is paramount. Certain bodies, such as InterNachi (International Association of Home Inspectors – based in the USA, with a Branch in South Africa) regulates and monitors the Industry. Certificate Holders are retested EVERY year, and additional courses are compulsory. This ensures the highest possible standard within the Industry.

Inspectors who are qualified Electricians, Builders or Plumbers add that much more value to the Inspections they carry out. As an Insurance Assessor, my experience and knowledge enables me to advise the Client on the coverage provided by the Insurance in the event of a loss. As a qualified Electrician, I do not provide Compliance Certificates as this is directly against the intentions of the Code of Conduct of the Inspector, but am able to check the electrics in terms of what the requirements are.

How can a Property Inspection benefit you?

faq-home-inspestion1A property Inspection gives a Snapshot of the ACTUAL condition of the property at that time. Whether you are purchasing a property, selling a property or have a particular need to determine the exact condition of your property, especially if there are problems or a dispute is in progress. An Inspector will give an Unbiased and Independent report on the property. This takes the emotion out of the decisions to be made and an objective conclusion may be reached.

Will the report be a Legal Document?

faq-home-inspestion3Any document is only as good or as valuable as the integrity and knowledge of the compiler. In choosing an Inspector, be sure to check their credentials and obtain references. Also check that they are an Accredited Inspector for your area. A report is an opinion, given by a person who has experience and knowledge in their areas of expertise. Any Inspector must be prepared to defend their document in Court, if necessary.

What can the Inspection Report be used for?

faq-home-inspestion2The Inspection Report can be used to negotiate prices, based on work to be done, a confirmation of the condition of the property or to settle disputes. It offers peace of mind to the owner, buyer or seller. You may use the report to negotiate rates for your Insurance Policy based on a preventative approach to minimising claims for defective workmanship and wrongful call-outs.

What is the format of the report?

faq-home-inspestion4Each Inspector would present their reports in a different many or format, however the report must have substance, with photographic evidence to explain the situation. Laymen may not, as in most cases, understand the terminology and the more comprehensive the report, the more credibility it has. A typical 3-Bedroomed House should ideally start with a report of between 45 and 55 pages, with substance, in length.



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