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Have you been the unfortunate victim of a Flooding, Burst Geyser, Impact Damage, Severe Wind Storm, Hail Storm, Falling Tree or Structure, Fire Damage, Burglary, Attempted Burglary, Lightening Damage? – this box or picture leads you to:

  • A Full Independent Assessment of the Loss in terms of your Insurance Policy which is sent to your Insurance Company with recommendations relating to Risk Management
  • Optional Project Management of the Repairs
  • Additional Recommendations to prevent further Loss

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Non-Motor Insurance Assessments are the second-most common dealings the public will have in dealing with their Insurance Companies. Insurance Companies will appoint Assessors on Claims, or Losses as they are known, for two reasons. The first is to ensure that the Client is placed back into the position they were prior to the loss, with the minimum of disruption and delays, and the second is to protect the Industry from Inflated or Fraudulent Claims. Each Insurance Company works on what is known as the “Claims Loss Ratio”, and this is to be kept at a minimum. By doing so, the Public is assured of a controlled and equitable Insurance Tariff / Rates. Insurance, being an “Intangible” product, is not easily understood by the public, and it is only when they have need to claim for a loss that they start to enquire as to the cover and real costs. Many feel that they need to over-claim in order to get an equitable re-imbursement, but it is certainly not necessary if they have been correctly advised and their cover is correct. This should be an annual exercise, in the same manner as the Medical Aid etc.

It is the Assessors’ task, when claims are made, to ensure that the correct information is put forward to the Insurance in order for the Client to be compensated correctly. Thus, the correct knowledge, training and experience is essential.

With 41 years of business experience, including 14 years of Insurance Assessing and reparation experience ensures that claims are handled efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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